Manager: Justin Penio
Asst. Coach: Eric Ackman
Asst. Coach: John Conone
Asst. Coach: Elijah Kroncke

Payton Ackman #34
Khloe Bauman #23
Madeleine Cage #11
Gianna Conone #6
Cecilia Gemmati #21
Savannah Kroncke #17
Maguire Leahy #3
Sophia Penio #29
Natalie Tierney #14
Brooke Wills #1

   The manager for this team is Justin Penio.  Coach Penio comes to our organization highly qualified to coach having coached multiple sports within District 214.  He was also a standout athlete for Elk Grove High School and played Division 1 football at Eastern Illinois University. If you have any questions about the team, please click the link below to email

Coach Penio.

Welcome to the Heat!

Softball Glove